Brian Stafford, Manager

About Us

The collective team members of the Perth Children’s Contact Service (PCCS) have a proven diversity of broad experiences and local knowledge in the fields of custody and visitation in the context of children’s contact services. Our experienced teams are all qualified in the appropriate areas of the children’s contact service including social work, welfare and early childhood development. In addition we have a mandatory ongoing proficiency evaluated to ensure we provide all our clients with the highest levels of professional service in the specialty area of parent visitation appropriate to Court Orders or Agreements of Undertakings.

Perth Children’s Contact Service prides itself as an agency that provides child centered services. We seek to enable the best possible outcome on every visit while ensuring that the visit takes place in a safe to the child environment.

All reports are predicated on factual observational records taken at every visit. PCCS team members attending visits and handovers are trained to make a written record of observed interactions. These records includes details of the context in which events took place.

Our service places an emphasis on the demonstrated parenting skills displayed at the points of exchanging the child/children and for the entire period of each supervised visit. All documented actions, events and interactions are intentionally recorded as objective testimony to ensure fairness and maintain neutrality to all our reports

The team members of the Perth Children’s Contact Service collectively bring a background and training that ensures capacity to represent the best standards available in the field of children’ s contact service. Our executive and management members come from years of established professional service in the local field of children’s contact service. They came from backgrounds where they managed and participated in this particular field of endeavor. We are clear in understanding the boundaries of our duties. We provide a safe environment for each child on our visits.   We produce an honest judgmental free report on every occasion. We redirect matters involving other issues that fall outside of objective reporting of visits to the relative professionals. Legal matters are redirected to the legal practitioner representing that particular parent or child.

Psychological concerns and linked issues are redirected to the appropriate professionals accredited to practice in that field or to Court appointed Single Experts. Where appropriate we will recommend individuals to participate in courses in parenting, anger management, family matters to the appropriately accredited agencies.