How can I get supervised visitation with a child?

There are two main avenues by which monitored visitations can take place.

PCCS will always exercise respect in dealing with all parties. We will maintain objective neutrality in the preparation of all reports. The child is identified as our client. PCCS will only offer our services for those duties for which the team member is qualified and have adequate training and experience to provide.

All supervised visits provided by Perth Children’s Contact Service are monitored visitations. This is defined as the accompanying supervisor will have to see and hear all exchanges where the child is involved.

Intake Assessment and Its Purpose:

Prior to any service being accessed, both adults involved must have completed an intake assessment at our city office.
The purpose of the Intake assessment is:

  1. To identify supervision needs.
  2. To consider the nature and extent of any risk.
  3. To appraise whether the service has the capacity and resources to provide the type of supervision required.
  4. To provide a meeting for a full and frank exchange of information between the parties and this agency so that each can make an informed decision. The information exchange will include details of the purpose, duration, limitations and costs of the service. Also considered at these interviews will be issues around security arrangements and the nature of that security will be identified. Data collection and limits to confidentiality will be discussed.
  5. Assess whether the proposed arrangements serve the interests of the child.


As from 1st July 2018.

All fees include GST. We operate 7 days a week; the same charges apply midweek and weekends.

Intake interview: $90 each party
Supervised visit: $90 per hour, minimum 2 hours.
Changeovers: $55 each time we attend.
Preparation of Court Reports: $400.
Court attendance: $150 per hour.